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Inner Shell Therapy is growing!

Current Positions Open:
1. Therapist (Part-Time/Full-Time, Fully Licensed/Pre-Licensed)
2. Therapist (Part-Time/Full-Time, Fully Licensed/Pre-Licensed)
3.Clinical Therapist Intern

We are seeking a compassionate and skilled Therapist to join our team. At Inner Shell Therapy LLC, we are a collaborative team that works both remote and in-person in early intervention with parental mental health. We are located inside of A Woman's Place, Midwifery Practice. There are multiple positions we are hiring currently as the practice is growing. We are looking for pre-licensed, and fully licensed therapists that are either already specializing or interested in specializing in perinatal mental health, NICU trauma, child loss, postpartum mental health or early parent-child interactions. As a therapist, you will have the autonomy to provide counseling services to individuals, families, and groups, utilizing various therapeutic techniques and approaches. Your role will involve helping clients navigate through challenges, develop coping strategies, and achieve personal growth and healing

For more information contact Niki Froman 

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